The working principle of a sand dredger machine involves multiple core components and processes. Firstly, through a suction system consisting of suction pipes or arms, the dredging machine sucks the sand from the bottom of the water into its interior. Next, with the help of a powerful water pump, high-pressure water jets are generated to mix with the sand and facilitate its transportation. The mixture of sand and water is then transported through pipelines or discharge hoses.

Then, the collected sand can be discharged and transported to a designated location, either by pumping it ashore or directly loading it onto barges or other vessels for further transportation. It is important to note that different models and sizes of sand dredger machines may have variations in their design and working principles. This article aims to provide readers with a detailed explanation of the working principle and practical application cases of the sand dredger machine developed by the OCEAN Pump team.

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1.What is Sand Dredger Machine?

A sand dredger machine, also referred to as a sand dredger or dredging vessel, is a specialized watercraft designed specifically for the extraction of sand and sediment from bodies of water. It is equipped with a range of components and systems that enable efficient removal of sand from the water and its transportation to the desired location. sand dredger machines are available in various sizes and configurations, tailored to meet specific dredging needs and operational scales. These machines are commonly employed in activities such as beach nourishment, river channel maintenance, harbor and port construction, land reclamation, and mining operations.

Customized sand dredger machines are designed with high-pressure water jet systems and powerful suction systems, enabling them to effectively remove sediments and sand from underwater areas. The water jet system agitates the sediments, while the suction system collects loose materials and transports them through pipelines to storage or processing areas. These sand dredger machines are extensively used in dredging projects aimed at maintaining waterways, deepening channels, or reclaiming land.

sand dredger machines are versatile and essential vessels that facilitate efficient dredging operations. They play a vital role in preserving navigable waterways, ensuring the integrity of water channels, and restoring global ecosystems. By effectively extracting sand and sediment from water bodies, they enable vessel passage and support sustainable land utilization. Operating at varying depths, these machines offer flexibility and adaptability to cater to diverse sand dredging requirements, making significant contributions to water infrastructure construction and maintenance.

2.What Is The Feature of the Sand Dredger Machine?

2.1 Efficient Clearing Capability Of The Sand Dredger Machine:

sand dredger machines combine high-pressure water jetting technology with efficient suction systems to effectively remove sand, silt, and other sediments from the water. The working principle relies on the powerful impact force generated by the water jets, which loosens and agitates the sediment at the riverbed, while the suction system rapidly draws in and transports the loosened sediments to designated locations.

When recommending jet pumps to clients, the OCEAN Pump technical team consistently adopts a rigorous and rational approach, taking into full consideration the actual site conditions. We recognize the critical importance of selecting the appropriate water jet pressure, which requires a comprehensive assessment of factors such as the hydraulic pressure of the flushing pump, the extraction depth, the size of particles to be extracted, and the hardness of the sand. Excessive water jet pressure may result in excessive dispersion of sand, thereby reducing the clearing efficiency, while insufficient pressure may fail to effectively dislodge the sand, similarly affecting efficiency. Therefore, the correct selection of the jet pump is crucial to ensure efficient and smooth sand dredging operations.

2.2 Adaptability Of The Sand Dredger Machine

sand dredger machines, with their ingenious design, can adapt to a wide range of aquatic environments, whether shallow or deep waters, with ease. The exclusive dredging system developed by OCEAN Pump offers flexible front-end configurations, utilizing rubber hoses in conjunction with suction heads that can be customized in length according to specific requirements. Typically, the length of the suction head is set at 4 meters, and it can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position at the front of the vessel, enabling extraction of sand layers at different depths. Portable sand dredger machines are commonly used for extracting sand layers ranging from 0 to 20 meters deep. It is important to note that as the extraction depth increases, the size of the vessel needs to be proportionally increased to ensure stability during the extraction process.

2.3 Autonomy and Mobility Of The Sand Dredger Machine

sand dredger machines employ two main methods for movement in rivers or lakes. The first method is the traditional rope-pulling approach, which involves the installation of 3-4 manual winches, anchoring the vessel, and adjusting its position using steel wire ropes. The second method involves installing outboard engines, specifically paddle wheels. These paddle wheels are driven by single-cylinder diesel engines and enable the vessel to move forward, backward, and change direction. OCEAN Pump provides both of these movement solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers. These solutions ensure stability and reliability during the operation of the equipment. The autonomy of the sand dredger machine allows for convenient transfer between different projects and work sites, while reducing reliance on external vessels.

2.4 Versatility Of The Sand Dredger Machine

sand dredger machines, particularly the jet suction type, offer more than just sediment removal and dredging capabilities. They demonstrate exceptional utility in various fields such as river channel maintenance, land reclamation, coastal management, and embankment construction. This versatility positions the sand dredger machine as a multi-purpose vessel capable of efficiently addressing the needs of diverse projects, showcasing its broad range of applications and promising prospects.

2.5 Size Flexibility Of The Sand Dredger Machine

Through years of in-depth research and practical experience, OCEAN Pump has meticulously considered the design of sand dredger machine dimensions, taking into full account the overall buoyancy of the vessel and actively incorporating valuable suggestions from our esteemed clients. To meet market demands, we have specifically developed size specifications that are compatible with container transportation. In these specifications, the width of the central compartment is set at 2.2 meters, and the floating boxes on both sides are designed to be detachable, allowing for adaptation to various transportation and operational requirements.

It is worth mentioning that the pump unit within the central compartment has been pre-configured for connection, streamlining the process for our customers. The entire assembly can be placed into a container and shipped directly to the customer. The customer only needs to install the bolts to connect the pump unit to the vessel, significantly reducing installation time, minimizing operational complexity, and providing customers with a more convenient user experience.

2.6 Conveying Capacity Of The Sand Dredger Machine

The performance of a jet suction dredger primarily relies on the configuration of the pump unit within the vessel. For jet suction vessels, OCEAN Pump is committed to providing customers with diversified combinations of pump unit solutions to meet their specific requirements under various working conditions. For instance, for customers who require high flow rates without the need for long-distance transportation, we offer corresponding pump unit configurations. Similarly, for customers who require both high flow rates and long-distance transportation over distances of 1000-2000 meters, OCEAN Pump has comprehensive matching solutions available.

3. What Is The Parameter Of The Sand Dredger Machine?

The parameters of a sand dredger machine may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, here are some common parameters that are typically considered when describing a sand dredger machine:

3.1 Dredging DepthOf The Sand Dredger Machine

It refers to the maximum depth at which a sand dredger machine can effectively extract sand from the water bed and is one of the key parameters for evaluating the performance of the dredging machine. This parameter determines the dredging machine’s ability to reach the desired sand extraction depth. For the OCEAN Pump team, the dredging depth is an important consideration when selecting a sand dredger machine as it directly relates to the design of the vessel’s dimensions. Based on customer feedback, the maximum dredging depth for portable sand dredger machines is typically around 20 meters. If there is a need to increase the dredging depth further, we will calculate the appropriate vessel dimensions and configuration based on buoyancy and balance principles.

3.2 Pump PowerOf The Sand Dredger Machine

Pump power refers to the power required to operate the pump, generating suction and conveying the mixture of sand and water. It is typically measured in kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (HP). For portable sand dredger machines, the vessel is generally equipped with 2-3 diesel engines. One diesel engine is dedicated to powering the sand pumping system and typically employs a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder diesel engine for driving the sand pump. Another diesel engine is responsible for driving the winch and jet pump, often designed as a single-cylinder or 4-cylinder engine. A third diesel engine, as an optional component, is used to drive the propeller, typically utilizing a single-cylinder diesel engine. In addition to diesel engines, customers may choose an electric motor as the driving mechanism, but it is important to ensure a power supply on-site or have a dedicated generator set for electricity generation.

3.3 Pump Flow RateOf The Sand Dredger Machine

This parameter refers to the maximum volume of sand-water mixture that the dredging machine pump can handle within a given time frame. It is typically measured in cubic meters per hour (m³/h). For users, understanding the actual sand output is more practical, which refers to the volume or weight of sand that can be obtained within one hour. Generally, approximately 1.3-1.4 metric tons of sand is equivalent to one cubic meter of sand-water mixture.

The sand output of portable sand dredging vessels varies depending on the model. Specifically, a 4-inch sand dredging vessel can produce approximately 30 metric tons of sand per hour, a 6-inch sand dredging vessel can produce approximately 60 metric tons of sand per hour, an 8-inch sand dredging vessel can produce approximately 80 metric tons of sand per hour, and a 10-inch sand dredging vessel can produce approximately 100 metric tons of sand per hour. Please note that the actual sand extraction rate may vary depending on factors such as the location of the dredging site and the operating conditions.

3.4 Discharge DistanceOf The Sand Dredger Machine

The maximum distance at which a sand dredger machine can discharge the dredged sediment is one of the key performance indicators. This distance is influenced by several parameters, including pump pressure head, power, diameter of the conveying pipeline, and flow velocity. Upon receiving the customer’s requirements for discharge distance, OCEAN Pump will conduct professional calculations to determine the required pump pressure head. Taking into account variations in pipeline diameter and flow velocity, we will develop an appropriate solution for the customer. We are committed to ensuring stable output flow while meeting the customer’s long-distance transportation needs.

For portable sand dredging vessels, their primary application is high-flow, short-distance transportation, with typically a discharge distance not exceeding 200 meters. If you require a discharge distance exceeding 200 meters, or even reaching 1000-2000 meters, please contact Engineer Lingda Kong via WhatsApp (+86 185 6229 3317) for further consultation.

3.5 Size and WeightOf The Sand Dredger Machine

The physical dimensions and weight of a sand dredger machine play a crucial role in transportation, assembly, and operation processes. These parameters include length, width, height, and total weight. The vessel dimensions designed by OCEAN Pump align with standard shipping containers, facilitating loading and unloading using trucks. Specifically, vessels with 4-inch and 6-inch specifications can each fit into a 20-foot container, while vessels with 8-inch and 10-inch specifications can each fit into a 40-foot container. It is worth mentioning that for the 8-inch and 10-inch size designs, the OCEAN Pump research and development team has conducted optimized upgrades to further enhance operational

Please note that sand dredger machines may have significant variations in their parameters and configurations depending on the model. To ensure accurate and comprehensive information regarding the specific parameters, we recommend contacting Engineer Lingda Kong via WhatsApp (+86 185 6229 3317) or referring to the specifications of the particular machine. It is important to accurately understand the equipment parameters to ensure smooth progress of the project.

In conclusion

A Sand Dredger Machine, specifically designed and manufactured by the marine pump industry, is a specialized equipment used to remove sediments, sludge, or sand from the bottoms of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, or coastal areas. The Sand Dredger Machine operates on a suction principle, utilizing pumps to create suction and draw in the sand-water mixture. It is typically employed in water areas with minimal waves and flat bottoms. OCEAN Pump‘s Sand Dredger Machines are equipped with diesel or electric engines, ensuring optimal efficiency and minimal energy consumption.

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