Submersible slurry pumps, also known as submerged suction pump and submersible dredging pump. Our submersible slurry pump is originally used in tailing handling and high-strength working environment for coal slag delivery.

The main components of submersible sand pumps, like impeller, are as the same structural prototype as horizontal slurry pump impellers. The advantages of submersible sand pumps are simple operation, self-mixing operation, strong anti-abrasiveness, energy saving, environmental friendly, low noise and low failure rate.

In recent years, we have developed the innovative products such as submersible sand pumps with a high-pressure water jet, large-particle submersible sand pump, submersible sand pump with side cutters, hydraulic driven submersible sand pump with side cutters, and stainless steel submersible slurry pump. These sand pump products can satisfy the construction requirements with different working conditions. At present submersible sand pumps have been widely used in sand extraction, landfilling, river dredging, tailings processing and other projects.

When customers choose submersible sand pumps, sometimes they fall into a misunderstanding. This kind of sand pump has natural advantages like light and easy to use, self-stirring and this design has its own disadvantages.

Firstly, the prototype of the submersible sand pumps impeller is something like the horizontal slurry pump, it features strong wear resistance material with the relatively narrow flow passage.

Secondly, the motor, impeller and the stirring impeller are coaxial and belong to the hard connection. Therefore, once overload operation occurs, the possibility of motor damage will increase. As a result, OCEAN Pump had tackled this problem by designing large-particle-flow submersible sand pumps and hydraulic supporting system through scientific and technological research.

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submersible slurry pump

For the selection of submersible sand pumps, it is necessary to select different sand pump types according to the actual operating conditions. The following is a list of different types of submersible sand pump selection under different construction conditions:

  1. The submersible slurry pump is made of wear-resisting alloy steel with advanced structure. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, abrasion resistant, automatic coupling and long lifespan etc. It is powerful to discharge solid particles like sand and coal cinder, mainly used on the dredger, ship or boat for dredging and mineral waste residue transfer, bottom with extra agitator greatly improve the work efficiency.

Submersible sand pumps are often applied on the dredger, ship or boat, it puts the electrical motor and mechanical pump on the same axis, the slurry pump bottom is equipped with a coaxial agitator. This agitated submersible slurry pump is developed and manufactured by OCEAN Pump on basis of the fluid mechanic’s principles. The pump is made of wear-resisting alloy steel with advanced structure. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, abrasion resistant, automatic coupling and long lifespan etc. It is powerful to discharge solid particles like sand and coal cinder.

The prototype of submersible sand pumps, suitable for working conditions with tailings processing, fine sand slurry, etc.

The initial design stage of the submersible sand pumps is mainly used for pumping fly ash, power plant sedimentation tanks and other operations, so the prototype of the submersible sand pumps are fully qualified for this operation. Since the stirring impeller is added at the bottom, mud or condensate can be breaking and disperse, so it can achieve stable operation at high concentrations.

2.the large particle submersible sand pumps, suitable for working conditions with sand and mud and cobblestone etc

The prototype of the submersible sand pumps impeller is closed slurry pump impeller structure, so the over-flow performance will be poor, and it is easy to block. In the face of medium with small and big particles, the semi-open impeller or the three-blade impeller structure can be selected to ensure continuous performance.

The advantages of large-particle submersible sand pumps are good over-flow performance and strong wear-resistance, but the small number of blades also brings the disadvantage of low shaft work efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to working conditions in the selection process. Sand or uniform particles are not It is recommended to choose this type of pumping pump.

  1. Hydraulic driven submersible sand pumps are mainly used as an excavator attachment to take the place of grab bucket when there is too much water, mud and not suitable for digging. They are often driven by the excavator hydraulic system or a separate hydraulic station to pump sand, sludge mortar, etc. The hydraulic driven submersible slurry pump is hydraulically driven instead of electrically driven which has more applications in deep water area and it is often used for dredging different matters. It is the one kind of centrifugal pump equipped with 2 or 3 agitator cutters which mix the mud or sand matters for suction.

In the practical work, the motor-driven submersible sand pump for pumping sand in the construction site, sometimes sudden landslides may occur, or large particles of pebbles may be trapped in the pump, or entangled with winding-like objects, and the electric control cabinet sometimes has no time to respond. The motor is overloaded and overheated and burned. Therefore, under conditions where the cement layer and other concentrations are too high, the technician will select a hydraulic driven submersible slurry pump. The design drawings for this type of pump are based on the submersible sand pumps and will change the drive mode. It is driven hydraulically and equipped with two sets of hydraulic stirrers to achieve continuous high-concentration operation. Since the hydraulic pump has stable and high efficiency characteristics, it has oil discharge protection during use. Once overload or lock occurs, the unloading oil valve will work. Makes the submersible slurry pump shut down in time, so there will be no failure of the over-loaded motor during the pumping process.

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