1. What’s the OCEAN electric submersible dredge pump?

OCEAN electric submersible dredge pump is a unique type of dredge pump that combines a submersible electric motor and a mechanical pump on the same axis. It features an agitator at the bottom of the pump body, which stirs up deposited sand, slurry, and sludge, creating a turbulent flow for high-concentration transportation. The electric submersible dredge pump is designed to be submerged in water, eliminating the need for water injection and simplifying the operation.

Primarily used for extracting liquids containing solid particles such as sand, cinder, and tailings, the OCEAN electric submersible dredge pump is commonly employed in metallurgical, mining, and thermal power plants for mud removal and liquid transportation purposes. It is precision-cast with alloy material, ensuring high quality and exceptional wear resistance.

With its innovative design and robust construction, the OCEAN electric submersible dredge pump offers reliable performance and efficient handling of liquids with solid particles. It provides a practical solution for various applications in industries where the removal and transportation of mud-laden liquids are required.

Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump (1)
submersible sediment pump
Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump (1)

2. Design Features of OCEAN electric submersible dredge pump

▪ OCEAN Electric Motors are all Class H insulated and have a minimum 1.25 service factor.

▪ OCEAN electric submersible dredge pumps are equipped with a unique lip seal system to prevent material from penetrating the seal.

▪ High quality abrasion resistance materials ensure long life of all components.

▪ Temperature sensor, embedded in the electric motor, and Moisture sensor, in the oil chamber, are available options to protect the pump in the most demanding application.

▪ Adjustable Hi-Chrome suction side Wear Plate maintains maximum performance for extended periods by a simple adjustment of the gap between the wear plate and the impeller.

▪ Replaceable wear parts: casings, impellers, wear plates all can be replaced independently.

▪ Lube Oil Inspection Ports: a wide angle port outside the OCEAN electric submersible dredge pump ensures easy inspection of shaft seal oil levels as well as providing easy access for oil replacement.

▪ The excavating action is created by the Hi-Chrome agitator blades that lift settled sediments which then get sucked into the submersible dredge pump, creating a continuous flow of concentrated slurry.

3. OCEAN electric submersible dredge pumps Applications

3.1 Industry

The applications in the industry sector include pumping industrial waste, extracting slag, forge scale, calcines, sludge, setting sludge, petroleum and tar residues. It is also used in thermal power plants for ash pit operations. Furthermore, it is utilized in construction and public works for handling inert wash sludge, marble dust, and various effluents with solids in suspension. Additionally, it plays a role in sewage management and dewatering processes.

3.2 Dredging

Sand & Gravel: In the field of dredging, sand, and gravel, this pump is employed for sand extraction and transport, sand and gravel mining, dredging harbors and marinas, port maintenance, dredging of canals and harbors, clean-up operations in rivers, lakes, and lagoons. It is also used in dam dredging, beach reclamation, and dealing with heavy soils.

3.3 Mining

The pump finds application in mining and tailings reclamation projects. It is suitable for cleaning up setting tanks and extracting coal, minerals, and sand in mining operations.

3.4 Offshore

In the offshore sector, this pump is useful for various underwater work scenarios, ecological recovery efforts, clean-up operations in locks, emptying caissons and bulkheads, as well as barge transfer activities.

4. About OCEAN Pump

Tai’an Ocean Pump (OCEAN Pump) Co., Ltd. is the leading electric submersible dredge pump and sand dredger solutions manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China. We have more than 30 talented sand pump experts and 15,000 square meters factory. More than 4 series 20 kinds of dredge pumps, slurry pumps, sand dredger machines and related parts had been manufactured to satisfy your pumping requirements.

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