1.What is Submersible Sediment Pump

A submersible sediment pump, also referred to as a Submersible Dredge Pump, is specifically designed for the removal of sediment in sedimentation tanks. Its unique construction enables the pump to operate efficiently while completely submerged in the water tank, eliminating the need for external startup procedures. This facilitates the effective extraction of sewage containing sediment-rich particles. The design of this pump significantly enhances operational efficiency and convenience while reducing operating costs.

The working principle of the submersible sediment pump manufactured by OCEAN Pump primarily relies on motor drive. The impeller generates a vortex within the water tank, facilitating the separation of sediment from the water. This innovative design enables the pump to function autonomously underwater and efficiently discharge accumulated sediment and sludge settled at the bottom of the sedimentation tank. This working principle not only enhances water quality and reduces the labor-intensive task of cleaning sedimentation tanks but also optimizes resource utilization, resulting in significant savings in human resources.

2. Features of Submersible Sediment Pump

2.1 Submerged Design of Submersible Sediment Pump

The submersible sediment pump is specifically engineered to function effectively within the water of sedimentation tanks. Its distinctive design allows for stable operation in underwater environments, providing convenience for sewage treatment. Key features of the submersible sediment pump include a waterproof motor and a sealed housing, which prevent water from entering the motor and ensure its safe operation. The submersible nature of the pump simplifies its operation and maintenance, greatly enhancing work efficiency.

OCEAN Pump employs specialized submersible motors that can operate safely underwater without concerns of cavitation, thus extending the pump’s service life. Each submersible sediment pump from OCEAN Pump is equipped with a frequency conversion control cabinet, providing users with easy control over motor start and stop, significantly improving usability. To ensure motor stability, OCEAN Pump incorporates motor protection circuits, including safeguards against overheating, overloading, and water intrusion into the oil chamber. These measures ensure the overall system’s operational safety.

OCEAN Pump’s submersible sediment pump is meticulously designed with underwater work requirements in mind. The waterproof motor and sealed housing guarantee the motor’s uninterrupted operation. Its submerged operating method simplifies operation and maintenance. Additionally, the frequency conversion control cabinet and protection circuits enhance the pump’s stability and safety, offering users a high-quality experience.

2.2 Direct Intake Design of Submersible Sediment Pump

The submersible sediment pump is positioned near the bottom of the sedimentation tank, precisely where the sediment has settled. This pump is uniquely designed without a suction pipe, allowing the inlet to directly contact the sediment. The water-sediment mixture enters the pump directly through the suction inlet. This design minimizes energy consumption and increases inhalation efficiency. To further enhance efficiency, the R&D Department of OCEAN Pump has incorporated agitators on both sides of the high-pressure water gun machine in the submersible sediment pump. This design advantageously creates a cyclone effect within the sedimentation tank, thoroughly mixing the sediment and improving the pump’s suction efficiency. Simultaneously, the spray action of the high-pressure water gun effectively flushes the agitator, preventing clogging during prolonged operation and ensuring the pump’s stable performance.

Moreover, the structural design of the submersible sediment pump takes into full consideration user convenience and ease of maintenance. The pump is equipped with an inspection port at the top, facilitating users in inspecting and maintaining the internal components. Furthermore, the pump body is constructed from high-strength materials, providing excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, thereby extending the pump’s service life.

Submersible Sediment Pump

2.3 Centrifugal Impeller Design of Submersible Sediment Pump

The internal structure of the submersible sediment pump plays a crucial role in its performance and application range. Among the key components inside the pump, the impeller holds significant importance. Serving as the core part of the pump, the impeller generates centrifugal force through rotation, imparts energy to the fluid, and facilitates fluid transportation. OCEAN Pump’s submersible sediment pump features a unique impeller design, offering options such as open impellers, closed impellers, and semi-open impellers.

Open impellers are designed to meet the requirements of customers seeking high flow rates without the need for long-distance sediment discharge. Closed impellers, on the other hand, cater to customers with high lift demands. These customers typically require sediment discharge over longer distances, necessitating a pump type capable of delivering high pressure. As for the semi-open impeller, it is a distinctive design by OCEAN Pump. This impeller design ensures not only a large flow rate but also sufficient pressure, with the added capability of handling particles up to 50mm in size.

OCEAN Pump sets its submersible sediment pumps apart in the market through their unique impeller designs. Whether customers require high flow rates, high lifts, or the transportation of large particles, OCEAN Pump offers suitable pump types tailored to their specific needs.

2.4 High Discharge Capacity of Submersible Sediment Pump

The submersible sediment pump efficiently evacuates the water-sediment mixture through its discharge port. Typically, this process involves the use of pipes or hoses. The discharge pipe is designed to be positioned above the water level to ensure smooth transportation of the pumped material out of the tank. During operation, a rubber tube is commonly employed to directly connect to the outlet of the submersible sediment pump. In cases where long-distance transportation is required, HDPE pipes or steel pipes can be connected to ensure material stability and transportation efficiency.

OCEAN Pump takes into full consideration the diverse requirements of its customers. In certain instances, the submersible sediment pump is equipped with an outlet pressure gauge and flow meter, allowing customers to monitor real-time pump performance. Additionally, the accompanying control cabinet enables precise flow rate control by adjusting the frequency, enabling customers to efficiently adapt to various working conditions. This ensures effective adjustments to meet the demands of different scenarios.

2.5 Extended Operation Capability of Submersible Sediment Pump

The submersible sediment pump operates through electric power, enabling continuous operation 24 hours a day as long as there is a power source available. This extended operation capability offers significant convenience for sewage treatment tasks, enhancing the efficiency of sediment removal work. Moreover, the electric power-driven system exhibits advantages such as lower noise levels, stable operation, and simplified maintenance procedures. These features contribute to a more conducive working environment and ensure the smooth and uninterrupted functioning of the pump.

2.6 Safety as a Priority

Safety is paramount in every OCEAN Pump product. Their submersible sediment pumps are equipped with comprehensive safety features to protect both the equipment and operators. These features include overload protection, overheating protection, voltage surge protection, and automatic shut-off mechanisms. OCEAN Pump’s commitment to safety ensures secure operation, mitigates risks, and safeguards the integrity of the system, providing a reliable and secure solution for fluid transportation needs.

2.7 Customization for Optimal Performance

OCEAN Pump understands that each project has unique requirements. That’s why they offer customization options for their submersible sediment pumps. With OCEAN Pump, customers have the flexibility to customize power capacity, discharge capacity, impeller design, control systems, and additional features according to their specific needs. This level of customization ensures that the pump delivers optimal performance and efficiency for each individual application, providing tailored solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Submersible Sand Slurry Pump
submersible dredging pump

3. Successful Case Study

In 2024, an American customer reached out to Lingda Kong, a business engineer from OCEAN Pump’s design team. The customer owned a sedimentation tank and was seeking a suitable submersible sediment pump for their specific needs. The sedimentation tank had dimensions of 10 meters wide, 15 meters long, and 5 meters deep, containing a substantial amount of solid particles and sediments that required extraction and discharge to an external separation tank located 200 meters away.

After carefully considering the customer’s sand extraction requirements and the on-site environment, Lingda Kong from OCEAN Pump (WhatsApp: +86 185 6229 3317) recommended the utilization of the DMD300-20-37 submersible sediment pump, paired with two external 4KW mixers. The submersible sand removal pump operated at a rotation speed of 980rpm, offering enhanced stability, a generous flow rate, and remarkable efficiency. The customer expressed great satisfaction with the pump’s structure, working principle, and performance, leading them to promptly pay a deposit to Lingda Kong, confirming the purchase.

The submersible sand pump was equipped with a stirring impeller at the bottom, and the option to connect an external agitator if desired. Its specifications included a flow rate of 300 cubic meters per hour, a lift capacity of 20 meters, and a supporting power of 37KW. The specific pump model recommended was the DMD300-20-37, and it was accompanied by a 6-inch rubber tube for seamless operation. Each of the two external mixers had a power rating of 4KW.

This successful case study highlights OCEAN Pump’s ability to understand customer requirements, provide personalized recommendations, and deliver efficient and reliable equipment for demanding sediment extraction tasks. To connect with Lingda Kong from OCEAN Pump, you can reach out via WhatsApp at +86 185 6229 3317.

Submersible Sediment Pump
Submersible Sediment Pump
Submersible Sediment Pump

4. About OCEAN Pump

OCEAN Pump, based in Taian, has been a dedicated manufacturer of reliable and durable submersible slurry pumps for more than two decades. Our pumps are designed to handle a wide range of demanding applications, including the extraction and management of slurry, sludge, gravels, and sediments. Our product portfolio includes submersible slurry pumps, submersible sand pumps, submersible dewatering pumps, and submersible sand pumps.

In addition to pumps, we specialize in manufacturing sand pumps and sand dredgers that are specifically engineered for sand pumping operations. Our commitment to quality is evident through our ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certifications. As a result, our heavy-duty products have gained recognition in over 36 countries across the globe.

At OCEAN Pump, our team consists of highly qualified professional engineers and technicians who are ready to assist you with custom product design, manufacturing, and comprehensive after-sales service. We take pride in offering OEM and ODM services to meet your specific requirements. If you have any questions or inquiries, we encourage you to reach out to us by completing and submitting the provided form, and we will promptly respond to assist you.

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