Submersible sand suction pump is an innovative product designed by Ocean Pump, also known as submersible slurry pump. It is mainly used to extract liquids containing solid particles such as sand, coal slag and tailings from construction sites such as mines, thermal power plants, rivers and lakes. There are hundreds of types of submersible sand suction pumps. The impeller of the product can be selected as a slurry pump or a gravel pump. According to the actual needs of customers, wear-resistant or special impellers for large particles can be selected.

The essence of the extraction medium of the mine submersible pump is that the water is rich in sediment. Standard regulations: It is suitable for conveying medium containing suspended solid particles (such as quartz sand, ore, rock, ash, coal, sand, etc.) in the liquid. The maximum allowable value of the delivered mud density is divided into three grades

A Zambian customer consulted our company’s submersible sediment pump through Alibaba, which is used to extract sediment from the reservoir. The reservoir is located in the copper mining area, with a length and width of 50 meters, a depth of 3-4 meters, and a water of 1.5 meters. , The deposited sediment contains a part of copper ore slurry, and the PH value is 1-2. Considering that the medium is acidic, the corrosion resistance of ordinary material sediment pumps is poor, so it is recommended that customers use stainless submersible sediment pumps.

Submersible sand suction pump (3)
Submersible sand suction pump (2)
Submersible sand suction pump (1)

Out of trust in the design team of the ocean pump industry and the quality of the submersible sand suction pump, the customer quickly finalized the plan and signed a contract. Finally, two 15KW stainless steel submersible sediment pumps were purchased, one made of stainless steel and the other made of wear-resistant alloy. They were equipped with floating platforms, which were used to extract copper ore slurry and clean water respectively.

Due to the complete set of accessories for this type of pump, our factory workers quickly completed the assembly and testing process, and sent the submersible sand suction pump to Qingdao Port within 10 days. After the user received the goods, the submersible sand suction pump and pipeline were installed. In October 2020, the project was put into production soon, and the use effect met the user’s requirements. The results are all satisfied. The customer is very satisfied with the design team and service team of Ocean Pump and said that they will place an order again soon.

Taian Ocean Pump Industry (Ocean Pump Industry) Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of submersible sand suction pumps, sand suction pumps, dredging pumps, mud pumps, slurry pumps and other equipment. Our factory has in-depth cooperation with domestic mines to provide submersible sand suction pump products and related services, and has accumulated valuable experience. For 20 years, we have been specializing in submersible sand suction pumps. We not only provide quality products and industry solutions, but also provide on-site installation services. ocean pump is a professional sand pump and dredging boat manufacturer, supplier and exporter in China. We have more than 30 excellent sand pump experts and a factory of 15,000 square meters. We have produced more than 20 types of sand pumps, mud pumps, dredgers and related accessories in 4 series to meet your pumping needs. Product innovation and customer satisfaction are our ongoing commitments to all our partners. Ocean Pump Industry is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the government. We provide our customers with a complete range of sand, slurry, gravel pumping solutions and related parts.

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